Atomic Fire is a weapon in Mega Man 2 you get from Heat Man. It is my 6th favorite Mega Man weapon.

Atomic Fire in action

About Atomic Fire: Edit

Atomic Fire was the first chargable weapon in the series. It was no different from the charge buster shot, but Mega Man 2 didn't have the charge buster shot anyway.

Atomic Fire and Mega Man 2 Bosses: Edit

Wood Man is weak to this weapon. Fully charged shots can defeat him in 2 hits, and 1 fully charged shot on Normal difficulty. Mecha-Dragon and Wily Machine 2 Form 1 are also weak to Atomic Fire.

However, Boobeam Trap and Wily Machine 2 Form 2 are immune to this weapon. And not only are Heat Man, Bubble Man and Alien immune to Atomic Fire, it will restore their health.

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