Commando Bomb in action

Commando Bomb is a weapon from Mega Man 10. It is my 4th favorite Mega Man weapon.

About Commando Bomb: Edit

Commando Bomb is the eapon used in Mega Man 10 to break blocks. It stands out over all the other bomb weapons because you can control the direction it goes easily. And it is super effective.

Commando Bomb compared to other Bomb Weapons: Edit

The Hyper Bomb from Mega Man 1 was a bomb that you threw on the ground that would explode after a while.

The Crash Bomber from Mega Man 2 was a straightfire bomb that could stick to walls.

The Hard Knuckle from Mega Man 3 could arc direction, but not very well.

The Drill Bomb from Mega Man 4 was a bomb that you had to charge up in order to make it travel farther.

The Napalm Bomb from Mega Man 5 was a bomb a lot like the Hyper Bomb, but had a tendency to bounce a lot.

Mega Man 6 and 7 didn't have a bomb weapon, the Rush Power Adapter had to be used to break blocks.

The Flash Bomb from Mega Man 8 was a throwing grenade.

The Laser Trident from Mega Man 9 was so generic that I can't describe it.

And then we have the Commando Bomb from Mega man 10.

Commando Bomb and Mega Man 10 Bosses Edit

Blade Man is weak to the Commando Bomb, however, only the shockwaves from the Commndo Bomb will do added damage. It may be better to just use the Mega Buster. The Weapons Archive version of Frost Man is also weak to this weapon. Only the Wily Capsule and the Mega Man Killers are immune to this weapon.