Cosmic type and Bomb type are Pokemon types introduced in Pokemon Earth and Sky.

Damage Data: Edit

Cosmic type: Edit

Weak to: Electric

Strong against: Ground, Dark

Resistant to: Ground, Fighting, Fire

Not very effective against: Psychic, Steel, Cosmic

Dosen't affect: Electric

Bomb type: Edit

Weak to: Fire, Flying

Strong against: Fighting, Rock, Steel

Resistant to: Fighting, Rock, Steel, Bomb

Not very effective against: Fire, Electric

(Additionally, Rock types are no longer weak to Steel) Edit

Pokemon in the past that now have this type: Edit

Cosmic: Edit

Porygon (Cosmic)

Porygon2 (Cosmic)

Porygon-Z (Cosmic)

Wobbuffet (Psychic/Cosmic)

Wynaut (Psychic/Cosmic)

Elgyem (Psychic/Cosmic)

Beeheeyem (Psychic/Cosmic)

Bomb: Edit

Voltorb (Electric/Bomb)

Electrode (Electric/Bomb)

Pokemon Earth and Sky Full Type Chart: Edit

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