Heart Shield is a weapon in Mega Man 11 that you get from Heart Man. It's basically a combination of all shield weapons.

When you use Heart Shield, 8 hearts surround you as a shield. It protects you from everything, from enemies to projectiles. When you move however, 4 of the hearts shoot out, one for each diagonal direction. Then 4 remaining hearts act like the Skull Barrier. You can shoot the remaining 4 out before the shield dissapears. Two shoot each side of you, one up and one down.

When you put up the Heart Shield, it uses 3 bars of energy. When you shoot the first 4 hearts out, it uses another 3 bars of energy. So you can use the whole thing 5 times before needing to recharge.

Crunch Man is weak to Heart Shield, as it does 6 damage to him, 12 on Normal difficulty. Not only that, it can block all of his attacks, regardless of how many hearts are up.

However, Heart Man, Poison Man, Portal Man, Super Snake, Ire, Shooter-119 and Wily Machine 11 Form 1 are immune to this weapon.