Mega Man 1: Edit

Wily 1: Yellow Devil (Weakness: Thunder Beam)

Wily 2: Copy Robot (Weakness: Fire Storm)

Wily 3: CWU-01P (Weakness: Super Arm)

Wily 4: Wily Machine (1st Form: Fire Storm) (2nd Form: Thunder Beam)

Mega Man 2: Edit

Wily 1: Mecha-Dragon (Weakness: Atomic Fire)

Wily 2: Picopico-Kun (Weakness: Metal Blade)

Wily 3: Guts Tank (Weakness: Quick Boomerang)

Wily 4: Boobeam Trap (Weakness: Crash Bomber)

Wily 5: Rematch with 8 Robot Masters + Wily Machine 2 (1st Form: Atomic Fire (2nd Form: Crash Bomber)

Wily 6: Alien (Weakness: Bubble Lead)

Mega Man 3: Edit

Wily 1: Kamegoro Maker (Weakness: Shadow Blade)

Wily 2: Yellow Devil MK-ll (Weakness: Hard Knuckle)

Wily 3: Holograph Mega Men (Weakness: Search Snake)

Wily 4: Rematch with 8 robot masters

Wily 5: Wily Machine 3 (1st Form: Spark Shock) (2nd Form: Hard Knuckle)

Wily 6: Gamma (1st Form: Hard Knuckle) (2nd Form: Search Snakle)

Mega Man 4: Edit

Cossack 1: Mothraya (Weakness: Ring Boomerang)

Cossack 2: Square Machine (Weakness: Dust Crusher)

Cossack 3: Cockroach Twins (Weakness: Pharaoh Shot)

Cossack 4: Cossack Catcher (Weakness: Dust Crusher)

Wily 1: Metall Daddy (Weakness: Dust Crusher)

Wily 2: Tako Trash (Weakness: Ring Boomerang)

Wily 3: Rematch with 8 robot masters and Wily Machine 4 (1st Form: Ring Boomerang) (2nd Form: Drill Bomb)

Wily 4: Wily Capsule (Weakness: Pharaoh Shot)

Mega Man 5: Edit

Proto Man 1: Dark Man l (Weakness: Water Wave)

Proto Man 2: Dark Man ll (Weakness: Crystal Eye)

Proto Man 3: Dark Man lll (Weakness: Gyro Attack)

Proto Man 4: Dark Man lV (Weakness: Power Stone)

Wily 1: Big Pets (Weakness: Crystal Eye)

Wily 2: Circring Q9 (Weakness: Gyro Attack)

Wily 3: Rematch with 8 robot masters

Wily 4: Wily Press (Weakness: Star Crash)

Wily 5: Wily Machine 5 (Weakness: Super Arrow) Wily Capsule ll (Weakness: Beat)

Mega Man 6: Edit

X 1: Rounder 2 (Weakness: Flame Blast)

X 2: Power Piston (Weakness: Silver Tomahawk)

X 3: Metongzer Z (Weakness: Blizzard Attack)

X 4: X Crusher (Weakness: Flame Blast)

Wily 1: Mechazaurus (Weakness: Yamato Spear)

Wily 2: Tank-CS2 (Weakness: Wind Storm)

Wily 3: Rematch with 8 robot masters

Wily 4: Wily Machine 6 (Weakness: Silver Tomahawk) Wily Capsule (Weakness: Silver Tomahawk)

Mega Man 7: Edit

Wily 1: Guts Man G (Weakness: Slash Claw)

Wily 2: Gamerizer (Weakness: Wild Coil)

Wily 3: HannyaNED2 (Weakness: Noise Crush)

Wily 4: Rematch with 8 Robot Masters, Wily Machine 7 (Weakness: Thunder Bolt) Wily Capsule (Weakness: Wild Coil)

Mega Man 8: Edit

Wily 1: Atetemino (Weakness: Mega Ball)

Wily 2: Bliking (Weakness: Astro Crush)

Wily 3: Green Devil (Weakness: Thunder Claw)

Wily 4: Rematch with 8 Robot Masters, Wily Machine 8 (Weakness: Water Balloon) Wily Capsule (Weakness: Flame Sword)

Mega Man 9: Edit

Wily 1: Spike Pusher (lol, no weakness)

Wily 2: Mega Mech Shark (1st Form: Laser Trident) (2nd Form: Tornado Blow) (3rd Form: Hornet Chaser)

Wily 3: Twin Devil (Weakness: Black Hole Bomb)

Wily 4: Rematch with 8 robot masters

Wily 5: Wily Machine 9 (1st Form: lol, no weakness) (2nd Form: Concrete Shot) Wily Capsule (Weakness: Plug Ball)

Mega Man 10: Edit

Wily 1: Weapons Archive (See below for weaknesses)

Wily 2: Crab Puncher (Weakness: Commando Bomb)

Wily 3: Block Devil (Weakness: Rebound Striker)

Wily 4: Rematch with 8 robot masters, Wily Machine 10 (1st Form: Solar Blaze) (2nd Form: Water Shield)

Wily 5: Wily Capsule (Weakness: Chill Spike)

Weapons Archive: (Boss from Mega Man 10) Edit

Elec Man (Weakness: Wheel Cutter)

Wood Man (Weakness: Triple Blade)

Gemini Man (Weakness: Wheel Cutter)

Ring Man (Weakness: Solar Blaze)

Napalm Man (Weakness: Rebound Striker)

Flame Man (Weakness: Water Shield)

Slash Man (Weakness: Chill Spike)

Frost Man (Weakness: Commando Bomb)

Tornado Man (Weakness: Thunder Wool)