Several people made their own versions. Here is mine.

Plot: Edit

3 days after Dr. Wily escaped, he died of his Influenza virus. (WHOAH WHAT????????? IKR) Now, as you see, Dr. Wily had a brother all along, Oscar Wily. After Albert's death, Oscar got enraged, saying it Mega Man's fault. He wanted to create robots to kill Mega Man and avenge Albert, but he only had just barely more then the parts for one robot. So he created Roto Man, a robot a lot like Proto Man, whos spikey shield doubled as a glider.

He used the extra parts to create a device called the hackwave, which sended a pulse throughout the world that could make up to 8 robots under Oscars will. The device worked succesfully, and now 9 robots are after Mega Man! He sets off to stop them.

Gameplay: Edit

Mega Man still dosen't have his charge buster shot, but he can slide again. The only "Tank" that appears in this game are E Tanks, but you have the option to either restore health or weapon energy. He can only have 4 E Tanks again at a time again.

Bosses: Edit

Robot Masters: Edit

Number: Robot Master: Weapon: Weakness:
DWN-081: Heart Man Heart Shield Toxic Bomb
DWN-082: Poison Man Toxic Bomb Cannon Ball
DWN-083: Seed Man Explosive Seed Dragon Flyer
DWN-084: Scald Man Scald Beam Explosive Seed
DWN-085: Crunch Man Crunch Jaw Heart Shield
DWN-086: Cannon Man Cannon Ball Scald Beam
DWN-087: Dragon Man Dragon Flyer Portal Barrier
DWN-088: Portal Man Portal Barrier Crunch Jaw

Intermidiate Boss: Edit

Number: Robot Master:
OBN-001: Roto Man

Wily Stage Bosses: Edit

Wily 1: Super Snake

Wily 2: Masked Machine

Wily 3: Ire and Fice

Wily 4: Shooter-119

Wily 5: Rematch with Robot Masters + Wily Machine 11

Wily 6: Wily Maze