God, how many Mega Man fangames must I make?

So Mega Man Ultimate Collection takes the 10 main Mega Man games. But here's the thing: It's a mix n' match. You can choose the core game of one game, then thw weapons set of another. Imagine using Triple Blade to defeat Big Eye or using the Super Arm whenever you want! However, you can't choose the core game and the weapon set for the same game, that's why you should buy the other game! For all of them, you can play as either Mega Man, Proto Man or Bass. Time Man and Oil Man are also included in the Mega Man 1 Set, and the stages are basically the stages they had in Powered Up, but in 8-bit.

DLC: Edit

  • Mega Man Killers Set - Takes the Mega Man Killers + Quint + the fanmade ones I made, and now they have their own stages. Beating all of them allows you to use their weapons for other core games.
  • Zast - Allows you to play as Zast, who can use his Zast Vortex to restore health! He's another fanmade character by me who you can play in Mega Man Z. (Yes, another goddamn Mega Man game)
  • Challenges - Takes the games and gives you challenges, like NES Remix, but without, well, the remixes.