Game Boy Color graphics. (Yeah it's a fanmade game)

Story: Edit

One month before the events of Mega Man VI, Dr. Wily had secretly planted divices in 8 robot masters that can sense if Dr. Wily is dying. 4 of the robots were to rescue Dr. Wily, and the other 4 would cause havoc as a distraction. Mega Man goes and takes down the 4 that are trying to cause havoc.

By this point, the other 4 have rescued Dr. Wily and took over a factory in Japan hat Dr. Wily can use as his base. Mega Man goes there and defeats the other 4.

Then Mega Man releazies there was one other robot, MKN-005 Sclash, who was made to sense if Dr. Wily was dying, then he would try to kill Mega Man. Mega Man defeats him and takes his weapon, the Sclash Blade, a close-range scythe that can rip through enemies. Then he goes after Dr. Wily.

Mega Man defeats him. Then, Wily was kidnapped by an unknown party. No one cares, because they think it's someone who wants Wily gone. Everyone assumes they killed him.

Bosses: Edit

First Four: Edit

Flame Man - Flame Blast (Weakness: Centaur Flash)

Blizzard Man - Blizzard Attack (Weakness: Flame Blast)

Knight Man - Knight Crusher (Weakness: Blizzard Attack)

Centaur Man - Centaur Flash (Weakness: Knight Crusher)

Second Four: Edit

Freeze Man - Freeze Cracker (Weakness: Junk Shield)

Junk Man - Junk Shield (Weakness: Thunder Bolt)

Burst Man - Danger Wrap (Weakness: Freeze Cracker)

Cloud Man- Thunder Bolt (Weakness: Damger Wrap)

Intermediate Boss: Edit

Sclash - Sclash Blade (Weakness: Mega Buster, can only be damaged by it)

Wily Base: Edit

Wily Base 1: Wily Capsule (Weakness: Mega Buster, can only be damaged by it)

Wily Base 2: Wily Fighter (Weakness: Sclash Blade. 1st Form can also be damaged by Mega Buster, while 2nd form cannot)