Metal Blade in action

Metal Blade is NOT the most OP weapon. (See flame wars below) Metal Blade could be a lot more broken.

About Metal Blade Edit

Metal Man is a weapon from Mega Man 2 that you get from Metal Man. Can be thrown in 8 different directions, and barely uses up any energy. Many people consider this weapon a godsend. Now personally, I think this is my second favorite Mega Man weapon (1st being obvious)

Metal Blade and Mega Man 2 Bosses Edit

Half of the robot masters are weak to Metal Man, including Metal Man himself. (Wood Man is only weak to it in the Gameboy version) It takes him out in 1/2 hits depending on the difficulty setting. Flash Man's official weakness is the Crash Bomber, but Metal Blade does more damage to him. It is also Bubble Man's weakness. However, Air Man, Crash Man and Quick Man are immune to Metal Blade.

Metal Blade is also very effective against Picopico-Kun. It can destroy the small robots in only 2 shots. Useful against the Wily Machine 2, too. All of the other Wily Bosses (besides Robot Master Rematches) are immune to this weapon.