Another fanmade game that dosen't exist. Still by me.

Plot: Edit

Nothing too special. People have just discovered a new race of animals that they call "the beasts." Hunters are gathered to eliminate ths species. Who will win: the hunters or the beasts?

Gameplay: Edit

Where the game really shines. The are 2 different types of Story Mode: One where you play as the hunters, the other where you play as the beasts.

In both modes, you have battled between the hunters and the beasts. Also, there is 2-player co-op.

The Hunters: Edit

You play as the hunters. You can fire 10 bullets from your gun before needing to recharge. You are basically going out all offense. It's sort of like the attraction in PokePark Wii: Rotom's Spooky Shoot-em-up. Your mission is to eliminate the beasts.

The Beasts: Edit

You play as the beasts. You attack by slashing, so you have to get in close. You are able to perform agile moves to evade bullets. You gotta get in close before they shoot you. If they do, you are able to do stuff for 7 seconds before you die.

Online Multiplayer: Edit

10 players online play as hunters, and 12 play as beasts. You are able to vote which one you want to be before a battle. A local friend can also join you in this mode.