March 16th, 2015.

It was late night on the LMR Chat.

Then, someone called out "everyone here is drunk except me" P9ii23ddCmJ, who was on the chat at the time, decided to go along with it. He started acting drunk, and soon, so was everyone else. P9 spammed "amiibo" and stated that amiibo was compatible with humans, and you had to put it on your dong in order for it to work. Eventually, P9 got banned from the chat due to this.

This made him angry, and he proceded to rant on the forums about how admins shouldn't exist in the world. Massive drama started. Even after he removed the thread, the drama continued. Charizard 'M, made the "P9ii23ddCmJ Wiki" because it had "no admins" like P9 was ranting about.

The next day, he and everyone else made up, and he realized he could use this wiki for his own purposes. He then made pages on the topics he liked, and treated it like his own. Eventually, he called wikia staff to promote him on this wiki, and they did.

After that, this wiki became what it is today.

People who participated in the LMR drama: Edit


Charizard 'M



Mr. GreenLightning

Camptown Beef


Darkwing Duckness





Dr. Fakey

XXx Hank-Hill XxX

Mr. Left