Tornado Blow in action

The best Mega Man weapon.

About Tornado Blow Edit

Tornado Blow is a weapon from Mega Man 9 that you get from Tornado Man. When used, tornadoes fill the screen, and make you jump higher. OMG SO OP! The only downside is you can only use it 4 times before needing to recharge energy,

Tornado Blow and Mega Man 9 Bosses Edit

Magma Man is weak against this weapon, and prevents him from using charged Magma Bazooka shots for awhile. Even Plug Man can be affected by Tornado Blow, and Tornado Man was weak against Plug Ball. Can hit Splash Woman while she's shooting Laser Tridents at you from above. Only Spike Pushers and Wily Machine Form 1 are immune to it, and those bosses were immune to everything and had to be damaged with their own obstacles, lol. More bosses were immune to the overrated METAL BLADE (JK Metal Blade is my 2nd favorite) Also useful against all 3 phases of the Mega Mech Shark.